Our Programs

Family Daycare

Care takes place at our licensed daycare that we hope children feel is their second home. We share meals and celebrate the seasons.

Tinker Twos

Our new flagship program focused on developmental milestones, play-based learning, wellness, and Pre-K prep.


Orton-Gillingham-based learning curriculum that emphasizes social-emotional learning, empathy and environmentalism.

After School Care

We offer after-school pickup and afternoon educational support and care for children in the Upper East Side in NYC. 

Caregiver Pair & share

We pair two families with similar care needs, prepare a host home and place a team of Tinker-trained caregivers

Ongoing Education

Coming soon…

From our deep roots in childcare and early education experience, we've grown a unique system that helps families thrive. From infancy to childhood we offer elevated learning experiences in a safe, loving, supportive environment.
Natalie Cronin
Founder, Tinker Tree
The Tinker Philosophy

Playrooms should be safe, interesting and comforting. We believe that because a child’s play is never the same, we believe equipment and toys should be as flexible as the imagination. Our furniture can transform from a boat, then a diner, to a cozy house to a snack time table within moments and allows us to make the best use of New York City space. The guidance practice of Tinker Tree is “keeping peace,” by “taking care.” Through caring for self, our babies, home and environment, playing well centers around awareness of peace to learning and thriving and having fun. We believe in long, open playtimes indoors and out with loving grown-ups nearby. The Tinker Tree’s curriculum in a nutshell, is to save the earth. These little children have a very big responsibility ahead, and saving the world is going to take everyone getting along and practicing compassion and courage. We follow the seasons and connect what we can do in our own home to make a difference outside. This inspires our art and music, the books we read and the things we do when we go to the park and some of the most fascinating conversations between friends.

Orton-Gillingham Based Programs

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Nature & Science based Curriculum

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Healthy Habit Building for Kids

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from 19 Months to Three YEARS OLD

Tinker Two's: Branching from to Toddler to Pre-K


This one-of-a-kind program focuses on the unique needs of children ages 19 months to three years old as the social-emotional, developmental, and educational “learning branches” specifically created to help young toddlers grow towards being Pre-K ready children.

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