From infants to early childhood we offer a variety of programs to fit your family’s needs

Family Daycare

Tinker Tree’s home daycare is my licensed NYS Group Family Daycare. We have served children 2 months through school age since 2009.

Our hope is for your children to feel it’s their second home. We share meals and celebrate the seasons of the year. From singing in English and Spanish, eating local food, our natural and safe cleaning practices, to the devoted team of caregivers, we work through ideas for making home the first place to learn.

Our intention is to introduce the concept of peacekeeping.  We are all empowered to make a difference, no matter how little we are, and when we work together – we can change the world! We teach how caring for the earth, our home, relationships, and self-care are part of helping to keep the peace around us, and why this important.

Tinker Two's

Tinker’s Tree’s Signature Learning Branches program serves as the bridge that helps your children take the journey from baby to toddler to school-age. With an emphasis on developmental stages, play-based learning, and school prepareness we work with each individual child at their own pace, while also helping them get acclimated to the group environment in a pre-k or kindergarten school setting. 


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After School

We offer after-school pickup and afternoon educational support and care for children in the Upper East Side in NYC. Please visit our enrollment page to inquire about more

Our Curriculum

Orton-Gillingham Based Learning

Like many moms starting a new venture, my own children were the inspiration for Under the Tinker Tree and our Learning Branches educational program.

My curious, playful, eager, book-loving babies both struggled once entering school, and their learning challenges overwhelmed them, causing them to reject reading, avoiding the anxiety and feelings that they couldn’t do it. As an early childhood educator mom, (and bookworm) this crushed my heart. Reading with my children was one of my most beloved parenting experiences.

I knew my kids loved it too, but it was also making them feel bad. As many parents of children with learning disabilities can tell you, it’s an odyssey finding out what the issue is and how to help them.

Having access to these things is another story. Restoring that love of reading for my children is my personal mission, and creating a supportive program for our youngest learners to gather the skills for a strong connection to their written language before they meet struggle (and discouragement) has become my professional one.

I discovered Orton-Gillingham through the support of our local district council meetings and listened to experienced parents about what worked (and didn’t) for their children. I am meeting this new endeavor with enthusiasm and excellent support from my mentor and my children. I am honored to be in a place to share this. Please reach out with any questions about how I can best serve your family goals for reading and writing and loving it.

Tinker's Learning Branches

Toddlers, at age 18 months to three years old, are at a special time in their development. Eager to physically explore their environment, mentally taking in massive amounts of information, and already deep into their social-emotional journey of discovering what this great big world is all about.

The impact childhood educators have on your children is lasting. At Under the Tinker Tree, we are honored to play such an important role in your children’s lives and look forward to sharing this journey with your family. 

The Tinker Tree Family

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